Monday, February 18, 2013

Help me, help yourself

It is scientifically proven to help others produce emotional wellbeing and improves our physical and mental health. Consider a Buddhist meditation mode, based on compassion and helping others to greatly improve our mood and our mind works.

A study conducted by epidemiologist James House, University of Michigan about 2700 social volunteers, concluded with surprising result that people who perform altruistic activities are healthier and live longer than the rest. Other several scientific studies determine that develop voluntary work reduces stress, chronic pain and insomnia.

    With all this information should be very clear that if we have any way to make a work of helping others as volunteers, we have to, because our physical and mental health will be rewarded with great improvements. But if our daily life we are too busy or we want enhance the effects of our voluntary activity, we can practice the following meditation of Buddhist origin that I suggest:

    · The exercise begins with a relaxation period as explained in this post. After a few minutes, after which we already feel a slower and tranquility of our rational mind, we move on to see a person who is going through a bad moment, someone close. Then wish him joy, peace, comfort, love and happiness. Imagine a magical way you send a beam of light coming out of our happy body and reaches the other person wrapping it in everything that you want for him. Now both of you are happy and you embrace.

    · Now visualize another person, someone you do not know, maybe of the Third World, is going through great hardship, suffering and unhappiness, meditate on it a few minutes. As in the previous case send him a ray of light full of love, peace, relief and happiness and imagine as surrounds and bathes him in its light, filling that person from all those wonderful feelings.

    · Finally, now put in your imagination to someone you do not like or with whom you have a problem. That person is also in a difficult time of grief and sadness, despite your differences, you send him the same magical beam of light that filled the same positive feelings written above. Now both embrace and even your problems have dissolved.

    This meditation easy and quick to execute not only help us strengthen our sense of visualization, that many people have atrophied, but as we explained at the beginning will give us large doses of emotional wellbeing and practiced on a daily basis can give us greater physical and mental health. People are made ​​to help others, although many have forgotten it, and extend a hand out to others unselfishly makes our bodies thank us, allowing us to be a little happier, giving us better health and greater self-esteem. So help yourself by helping others.

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