Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happiness Exercises: Feel your inner

In this lab we will deal about the huge importance of our inner body and how to connect and feel in order to be more easily in the now.

The limitations of our minds cause us to interpret our physical body as our only way of existence, separates us from our different way of being, our inner body. This post is again drawn from the great work "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle.
What I propose below is very easy, let do it now!: In the first few times you do this practice you may find it helpful to close your eyes, below you will not need. Relax, take two or three deep breaths and now focus all your attention on your body, feel it from inside, notice the life within him, walking with your conscience every one of the parts of your body and feel in them the energy that gives life, a kind of vibration that fills each of the cells that form tissues that make up you physically.

    After a few minutes going through the different areas of the body, try to feel your whole body as a whole, note all the energy in it, not think about it just trying to feel it, the more attention you put into that feeling, more and more clear is this. Perhaps in the early stages of our practice we can only feel a slight tingling in our hands and feet, that's a good sign, we focus on the feeling that over time we can extend it to the body. The perception of our inner body has no limits, we can always go deeper into it. After a few minutes enjoying this pleasant feeling, open your eyes keep attention on our energy field and see the room where you are, do not judge what you see, just look and try to keep your body feeling inside.

    We must establish a continuing perception that feeling, because we feel our inner body will greatly help us stay in the now. This exercise we do every day, you've seen that has no difficulty and even the first few times we have to close our eyes and need a quiet place to experience it clearly, we see that little by little we feel our inner energy anywhere circumstances. Take, as in everything we want in life, willpower, love and faith, so we have no excuse to leave in oblivion, remember that we will bring benefits substantial.

    At this point it is clear that our being is more complete than the material mind would have us believe, it tries to accept that our only way to exist is matter, ie the body that our five senses can pick up materials and protects this belief by creating fears that locked us into it. Precisely our material body is the smallest part of our being and that lies within the inner body, the gateway to the Being, unmanifested one Life, without birth, without death, eternally present.

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