Monday, June 25, 2012

Friendship: Source of Happiness

Love and friendship may be more united than we think. This time we will analyze how important are the bonds of friendship for a much happier life.

I believe that there will be many people on this beautiful planet that does not enjoy some sort of friendship with someone in their environment. In many instances be family or partner does not mean, unfortunately, be friends and this is not at all productive to achieving a happy life. Let's talk about resilience and its importance in our lives.

    The term resilience refers to the human capacity to overcome periods of pain and setbacks, including being able to finish strengthened by them. It was introduced in psychology by psychiatrist Michael Rutter in the 70's. Interesting is not it, but the real question is how do we create or develop this ability?

    According to research of French neuropsychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik the true source of resilience in both children and adults, is the ability to give and receive affection. This exchange of love, understanding and mutual support creates an emotional strength that allows us to recover from negative events with real strength and speed. It is obvious to think that these bond are very important in the first years of life, but also during our adulthood are almost as necessary as breathing.

    Here are some tips for maintaining a resilient spirit:

  • We must care for our relationships with people we feel good and love. Studies show that these links are the basis on which both support the achievement of our dreams and desires in life. Do not let laziness destroy these bonds, and do things for these people to feel that you appreciate and love them.

  • Create friendly relations in the different facets of your life (family, work, leisure). For example, if your hobby is to go fishing, do not go always only, find fellow fans and instead of fishing, you can get to go eat together, or to meetings of fans to chat about your experiences, certainly more than a good friendship arises.

  • Learn how to seek help when needed. If you feel that something is out of hand or you alone can not with any activity, get advice or assistance from the people around you, do not be afraid or embarrassed about it, be helped by others is a great source of resilience.

  • Do not close before the disappointments. Sometimes we can be misled or defrauded by a family member or close friend and appears the fear of being hurt again. This attitude is not positive, then maintained for a long time can lead to distrust absolutely everyone and lose the relationships that we have left, and the ability to create new relationships. Take a risk and giving before receiving, this show of confidence will attract others to love you.

  • Trust in your generate resilience to discover and see the world, do not be afraid to fail, embark on new projects always have and knowing that wherever you go you will create bond that will build a network that will protect you from any fall.

  • Look at life positively, it is a way of learning that some things nice and fun and others not so, but the important thing is to enjoy walking the path and the destination you arrive will be you want.

    I wish these guidelines, based on the work of Boris Cyrulnik, you are helpful and complements everything a bit more than I talk on this blog, and is focused on the global spread love and happiness for all.

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