About me

   The concern and the particular way in which the world and life itself pass in front of my eyes, have caused to my thirty-four years, with high school and a job with which I earn a decent living, but keeps my spirit dull, throw me the lyrics to express and unleash thousands of ideas and curiosities that scurry daily by my occidental mind and above all make me ponder the great enigma of happiness, something as abstract and simultaneously, as desired by all.

    Born in Barcelona, within a humble family, self taught from a very young, after a childhood flat, heavy, and a very poor adolescence in love, I did not know in which to find what it was that lit my motivations, almost instinctively knew that our passage through this world had no reason to be unhappy, bored and negative. Happiness should be somewhere that I should find, I wanted to experience it and feel it clearly, which made me investigate and document myself with great interest on self-help, happiness, love and success in life. Now, with a certain degree of maturity already acquired, after much reading about these issues, and seeing the ease with which I shape my thoughts into words, I feel that the publication of these represent, or try it in the best way possible, the meaning and essence of my thoughts, beliefs and knowledge about the universal mystery of the road to happiness, what is their true nature, and make real the classic utopia of a better world, just and full of love is possible.

   After a big change in my life, in the affective domain, after which I'm sure of having found my soul mate, the goddess who lived far only in my dreams, the meaning of the word love took a very different character I had internalized at the bottom of my beliefs, and it is from that time when, even more if possible, increase my reflections on the true nature of happiness and its close relation to love, not to mention the possibility that dreams come true, depending on the level of desire and willpower to apply them... mine are slowly materializing.

    Nothing would please me more than my words on this blog may help in some way, all readers to invest part of their energy to read it here published, with the greatest affection and with the greatest enthusiasm, I put my little sand grain to , together, build a huge mountain of happiness, whose foundations are of love.

    Hopefully, with your help and your comments, we get to analyze and get to the center of this exciting and vast subject, find true happiness and determine if this is common to all beings on the planet or unique and different for each of them, if directly linked to love or is just one result of the other, and with the brushstrokes of different colors as diverse as are the minds of people who live this life, surely we arrived safely, and to more of a soul passing through here we make them find their happiness.

    My first language is Spanish, so I apologize if my English is not quite correct.