Saturday, March 24, 2012

Your wishes is my command! (Part Two)

In the first part of this post we have seen the important relationship is our subconscious mind to be able to live the life you really want. Let's get going and see how we develop and work our wishes to come true.

It's time to start working on the change we want for our lives, we are sure you want to change for the better and remember the great importance of love, willpower and faith play in achieving our objectives.
    As we saw in the post Know what you really want? the importance of having clear what we want, is vital, both to find our role in life, and to define clearly what we want. As I said in that post what they really want is closely linked to our role in life and get it will give us self-realization which in turn will give us a large portion of happiness to our lives, so in a manner similar to that talk in this post, let's make a list on this site that are not going to bother and not rushing, about the wishes we have in our mind.

    Write out that list of everything we think we want, you do not have too many details, but take your time. Then gather them all and let's break those desires by category in a table, for example, a column with those relating to family, other professionals, other health, another economic etc.. These categories are personal and everyone the table will make your taste. Now we remove those desires that are duplicates or too similar and those that are contrary to others, we can not fall into contradictions. It's time to number the desires of each category in order of importance and to determine it is important to "feel" that makes every desire when we think of him. This is one way that our conscious mind (who wrote the list) to communicate with the subconscious (which is what will create it) to determine what they really want and we can bring with relative ease, hence the importance of be relaxed and take the time to hear (feel) what our subconscious says. We can close your eyes and imagine how it would be that in which we think desire, this will make us feel something, if that something is exciting our subconscious tells us that yes we wish, on the contrary do not feel anything special is warning us of little importance of that desire.

    Now with the elements that have obtained the first position in each category we make a new list proceed to score the same way we did with the previous table, and that desire to receive the first place is that most want at this point in our lives. Obviously when we meet desires, and as our lives progress, that position will be getting the other different desires, but the method to find out what is at all times is described in this post.

    That desire so important that you know very well now, we refine it to the fullest, we must put every possible detail that we can come to give more shape in the immaterial plane and it'll take a pencil and paper again and we'll compile a new two-column table on the left write again our desire and as we go down in the table we bring more and more detail to that desire, just as you would see and would consider it if we were in front of him, the more details the better. Parallel in the right column we write how much I wish, as we go down that column our desire grows and grows, we express in words. Following this exercise we have a clearer and sharper image of our desire, image will use, when we repeat our goal every day.

    Congratulations! now you know what you most want to bring to your life, what's your function of life, and also that desire you realize with the help of your subconscious mind with which you begin to communicate effectively. In the next and final part of this process we will see how to formulate the goals necessary to "ask" our creative mind towards this important desire, combined with the significant act of our will power, our love and our faith will sooner than you think.

    Thank you very much for reading my words.

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