Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The power of mind

How could it not be otherwise in this blog can't stop talking about the amazing and so unknown power that lurks in our minds within us, that so few people know how to use efficiently and how love can strengthen it and make it work.

    Talking about the enormous power of the mind is to talk about Dr. Robert B. Stone, who has authored or coauthored more than seventy self-help books with titles such important and famous as "The magic of psychotronic power" or "Create a Genius: The Silva Method techniques to create and develop a genius" as well numerous articles in professional journals.
Little is known about his biography but we emphasize that it was Silva Method instructor and responsible for establishing it in Japan, New Zealand and Thailand. He several times around the world conducting seminars and workshops about the powers of the mind, self-hypnosis and activation of the right hemisphere of the brain. Member of Mensa and the Academy of Sciences New York, was considered one of the theosophical world's leading scientists.

    Therefore, I emphasize the content of his work "The magic of psychotronic power" an exciting book that explains how to work the great power of mind, defined as psychotronic power and use it in practice every day to change our lives exceptionally and secure be closer to our own happiness. As we saw in the last post Keep the Faith, the switch turns this power is the belief, is faith.

    All without being aware of it we have been using this power in small doses throughout our lives and when we have delivered the desired results we have attributed to luck. Then we can say that luck does not exist, only the facts, and in this case the fact is that what we get what we expose our psychotronic power, especially when we feel so much love for something that happened in our life, this power is always has been, like electricity, only until you discover, accept and learn to operate it may not work for us. The great material fever pollutes us in recent times as discussed in the post above, causes great skepticism in our own potential as whole persons we are, with a part material, and other immaterial composed of different energies which make up the materials and that is the most overlooked and rejected in our societies.

    Love is also star luxury in the content of this book, if you count the word love appears in forty-nine times in the text, and once finished reading it we clearly see the tremendous importance of the feeling of love for proper functioning and development of this wonderful mental power that will completely change our lives for the better ... I assure you this is my case. As the author explains, to feel love for the universe and feel part of it will connect us to the Cosmic Psychotronic Generator give us greater and more focused power and universal wisdom that will eliminate any daily doubt making choose the best decision at any time.

    I recommend reading it, maybe that you not apply everything it says, but I assure you open your mind cause and commence to see this life and what we can do it differently and with practice and lots of love, as in everything, be sure that the results are wonderful.

    Thank you very much for reading my words.

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