Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas is love

Now we are engaged again at Christmas time, which usually means holidays for children, also for some of us, decorations and Christmas atmosphere, family reunions with intense and succulent bingeing, gifts and surprises from Santa Claus and Magi ... But what is the true meaning of Christmas?

But the truth is that Christmas in "advanced" countries, creators and cultivators of the consumer society, is increasingly distorted, losing its true meaning, hidden behind a cloud of opportunistic consumerism that all he seeks is increasing more and more our spending, or rather, more things to sell us that in most cases we do not need, making us believe that the more you give away and more expensive, more we love our family and friends.

    That is why at this time of year when we remember and celebrate the birth of a person who tried to spread this message so pure and disinterested, we should focus on feel the true love feel it within ourselves to ourselves and to beings around us, trying to understand that true love can not be found in the material, can not be bought with money or gifts, but real love is to understand the meaning of life, is our real objective here, is stop confused us with material goods which so much entertain our five senses.

    True love is within us, born from our spirituality, so accepting and cultivating it with the help of practices like meditation, self-hypnosis, visualization, helping others, etc, you can experience yourself as the sense of life is something different than what you thought for a long time, and that the message that Jesus Christ and other prophets of various religions tried to get across to other people, is that the real purpose of this life is to learn to feel the love, just accept that is within us, and that true happiness is experienced in the very moment you learn to accept it and spread it. Simply want to experience it, accept it even if your ego material you put barriers of fear, they can jump.

    Wishing you wholeheartedly that the holidays are full of true love and every day you're closer to the complete happiness, lives a very Merry Christmas and do it so well for the people around you.

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