Sunday, December 2, 2012

Without conditions

Our happiness depends largely on the acceptance of which we speak in a past post, we will now develop a little more this topic, as there are two ways to accept: conditionally or unconditionally. Let's see.

According to Gandhi the way to pacify the other begins in learn to self pacified. Besides him, there are many philosophies who argue that our inner peace depends to a great way, of knowing unconditionally accept ourselves and people around us. Find we the problem that affects us the majority.

Most of us are only willing to accept us and love us, if we are able to meet a number of conditions imposed by society or family and accepted by our subconscious, as they have been inculcated from very young and very constant: have a good job and succeed in it, start a family, be a good student, be handsome, tall and thin, good sportsmanship, have many properties, if our house is bigger than the other ...Better!, Succeed in everything that we set, and a long and drawn etc. All this, does no more than put mental conditions that become obstacles that prevent us to accept and love ourselves, already to get it everything, and be infallible is impossible for us mortals and this leads to constant unhappiness. Condition our own self-esteem to achieve the things that "we should" be or have cause undoubtedly a fragile emotional stability. Although we are very good at what we do, to be always on top of the success we will exhaust us, and will eliminate our ability to enjoy life.

In a parallel fashion case our acceptance of others is overshadowed by our tendency to think we are superior, especially when someone offends us: we judge him, despise and from our apparent superiority, we look for ways to punish him. This soon turns against us, because if we accept that others are worthless, unconsciously we assume that we not worth much, because in the end, sooner or later, we will behave so incompetently.

The solution to the problem is self-observe, especially when we have a downturn in mood or self-esteem, and we would ask us ourselves if we have fallen into the trap of valuing from our materials successes and failures. If so, we have to know that this plays against us, but above all understand that we all have objectives, goals or aspirations, but those achievements should not define our core value as a human being and our ability to be respected. Similarly, the greater the respect we have for others, the more we will respect ourselves. To help in this, remember the following principle of the Mahatma: "hates the offense, but do not hate the person who has offended you," thinks the person who aggresses you first he has attacked himself, for in his world, he suffers from low self-esteem, is obfuscated and misled by the continuous spiral of personal judgments that occur daily in our minds and help us so little.

Accept yourself as a human being you are, accept that you have dreams and goals, but they are not part of your being, if the end them can not be achieved you should still feel love for yourself and for life in general. Accepts people who cross your path and be aware that their actions are not part of them because they may be self-deceived by their own mental judgments, just as you were. Feel love them also, you'll see as you will be returned is a combination of love and happiness that is to the liking of any mortal.

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