Friday, January 18, 2013

Control your emotions

All humans feel emotions, this is normal, sometimes beneficial and others detrimental to the achievement of our goals. Let's talk about the importance of emotional intelligence.

Many people of great intellect have accomplished little or nothing in life, while other people of half intellect have gone much further, what is the reason?
Emotions are a tool for the survival of the species, are psychophysiological reactions that activate different ways to act or respond to different stimuli we receive from our environment or ourselves. So are as natural as life itself and help us to adapt to the environment. But there are strong emotions and sudden (usually negative) that are difficult to control, such as anger, anxiety, fear, sadness, etc.. We know that our rational intelligence puts the path to achieve our goals, but it is emotions that drive us to cross it.

    Love is the switch that activates emotional intelligence, it's amazing how easy it's to learn what one loves. So much so that it's believed that 90% of large things made ​​by mankind have been possible thanks to the inspiration created by the emotional intelligence and the remaining 10% to the rational intelligence that logically organizes the product of inspiration.

    Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense and guide the thinking intelligently knowing, to control and change the moods in oneself and the people around us, in order to successfully meet the various tests to which subjects us life .

    The items you need to enjoy a great emotional intelligence are:

  • Self Awareness: Ability to analyze what happens in our mind, how we feel now.

  • Empathy: Learn to accept and understand people as they are, putting aside differences.

  • Self-esteem: The value that each gives himself. Explained in this post.

  • Assertiveness: You might as well say, be understanding, tolerant, successful, logical, ethical, supportive, effective, compelling, intelligent, caring, happy.

  • Emotional control:  To Know controlled or modified the feelings, without repressing them, to know to properly express without generate internal stresses.

  • Motivation: To do this you need to have a life plan, visualize a goal, we all have one, learn to find it.

  • Be creative and productive: For this it is essential love. Love gives wings to the intelligence to turn dreams into reality. The winners feel true love for what they do. Do you know loves?

  • Knowing how to solve: The challenges and problems of life need to know how to solve them intelligently.

  • Knowing learn: People who enjoy high emotional intelligence are more productive, have greater success and learn more quickly. Having high emotional intelligence means being much longer in alpha state, which is the state of peace, harmony and relaxed concentration that gives us success in the studio or in any other work. Alpha state allows easier access to the subconscious intelligence and intuitive that lead directly to the knowledge of things without the usual rational processes. Love is a great enhancer alpha state.

    Now you know better emotional intelligence, we know the importance of controlling emotions, and the elements that can grow it on you, is the time if you want to improve, if you intend to realize your fondest dreams, get in up, because you have control of your life and you are your best ally to be happy. I wish you great success and much love, keep in mind that your success is the triumph of humanity.

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